Protection against hail

POWER canopies are the ideal protection against hail:

Recent years have shown significant climate changes. Climatologists warn that Slovenia has always been exposed to heavy storms, even before the effects of these climate changes. We are one of the European countries most affected by storms. The number of stormy days in the storm-belt stretching from the Bay of Trieste to Slovenj Gradec and onwards to Murska Sobota is 40 to 50 days per year. In past summers, hail has seriously damaged many vehicles. Due to the large number of damaged vehicles, our company began to develop vehicle canopies, using the foreign name 'CARPORT', which is a small expense to protect your car and save you the inconvenience of bad weather.

POWER canopies have demonstrated in practice to be the best form of reliable protection for vehicles from hail.

This is mainly due to the canopy sheets made of special PVC tarpaulin which have the benefit of flexibility.

It is known that large diameter hail can dent and damage hard surfaces, but due to the specific characteristics of our special PVC tarpaulin coverings, hail is unable to cause damage.

Customer Reviews

As told by Mr. Boris Segula, director and owner of the ‘De Poncho’ Mexican restaurant in Ptuj.

“In early 2008 I decided to install canopies for our customer parking in front of our restaurant. For the canopy roofing, I decided on special PVC sheeting produced by the POWER Company.

As you know, this summer Ptuj and its surroundings suffered a great deal of hailstorm damage. These storms damaged many roofs, smashing roof tiles and knocking down trees. My Power Carport was, to my surprise, the only roof-structure to survive without a scratch.”

Hail protection Hail protection Hail protection
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